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Ballymoney Nursery School Ballymoney

Admissions 2024-25


All children in their Pre-School year (born between 2/7/20- 1/7/21) are entitled to apply for a place in Ballymoney Nursery School. We would also encourage children in their pre pre school year (born between 2/7/21 – 1/7/22) to apply as there is the possibility we will be able to offer some of them a place too.

Application forms for admission to Nursery School in September 2024 will be available to complete online at from 12 noon on Tuesday 9th January 2024. Forms must be submitted by 12 noon on Friday 26th January 2024. Please remember to upload your child’s birth certificate any documents required. Any applications submitted after this date will be classed as late and won’t be considered until stage 2.

On Thursday 25th April 2024 parents of pre school (Target age) children whose application was on time will find out the outcome of their applications online at the Portal. This is the end of ‘Stage 1’.

Stage 2 opens on 25th April 2024 which includes applications for late deferrals and underage/pre pre children.  The online citizen portal will close for applications at 4pm on Friday 3rd May 2024.

On Tuesday 11th June 2024, parents who submitted late applications (after noon on 26th January – 4pm to 3rd May 2024)  or who applied for a child in their pre pre school year will find out the outcome of their applications online on the Portal.  This is the end of ‘Stage 2’.